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How the Best User Experience Websites Increase Visitor Engagement

Twin Pines Marketing - Make Your Website an Experience

A good website brings new audiences to your organization. A great website takes visitors on an intentional journey to inform, engage, and take the action you want them to take.

And, you want them to keep coming back.

To accomplish this, your website has to be more than just a resource, more than just a place to get information about your products and services. It has to be an experience. But what does that mean, and how can you make it happen?

Contemporary UX/UI (user experience / user interface) theory places a high amount of focus on features and usability. And yes, of course that's important, too. But to get the most out of your website design, we have to take a step back and look at the emotions of your visitors.

The best user experience websites all start with emotions.

Yeah, you read that right: we're gonna talk about emotions.

Now you might be saying something like, "But I sell plumbing supplies online. There's nothing emotional about that." The thing you have to remember is, everything in sales and marketing comes back to emotions. As marketers, that's what we specialize in: figuring out ways to tap into the emotions of your audience so that your message can get through. So for your potential customers looking for plumbing supplies, we want to know if they come to your website because they're frustrated with big box stores; or frugal, looking for a good deal; or supportive of small/local businesses in Michigan; or DIY folks who take pride in doing things on their own.

For each one of these emotions, there can be a different approach to your website's user experience. From the visual layout to the language used, we can tailor the visit to your website to the emotions we want to focus on in your visitors. If we want to speak to customers frustrated with big box stores, for instance, we might use design and messaging that is comforting, focusing on trust and the benefits of working with a smaller company. The best user experience websites use this emotional profiling to create content and drive the overall visitor journey. This is part of what we call Persona Development, part of our Strategic Marketing Services.

Put yourself in your visitors' place.

Next, it's critical to take some time to walk through your website from the perspective of a visitor. Ask yourself, how do I want them to feel here? What do I want them to learn, and what actions do I want them to take? For instance, is it more important that they learn about your company history in order to feel like they know you; or do you want them to be able to get right to your products or services? Answering these questions directs more than just the sitemap and functionality of your website; it informs the type of design, layout, content, look and feel.

Start at the end, and work backward.

One of our favorite mantras at Twin Pines Marketing is "start at the end". Where do you want your website visitors to end up? Is it a contact form online? A phone call or email to a salesperson? Are you just informing them so that you're top of mind for a future sale? Are you looking to build an email list for future communications? Do you want to form partnerships with like-minded people?

By getting specific about what you want your visitors to do in the end, we can work backward and create solutions to get them there.

For more ways to create an incredible website for your organization, please visit today!



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