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Twin Pines Marketing - Social Media - Detroit Michigan

Social Media


Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. YouTube. Threads. TikTok. Twi– er... X.

There are so many social media platforms out there, so which ones make sense for you? Being everywhere all the time isn't necessarily the most effective plan. Twin Pines Marketing will help you navigate the world of social media and create a strategy that uses the right platforms in the right ways to connect and engage with your audience.

One social media strategy does not fit all.

  • ​Help you create engaging content that excites your team and customers
  • Teach you how to capture photo and video moments for future content
  • Use micro-editing to create short, shareable segments of larger pieces
  • Continually add content to a curated library to be used in different ways 

Content, Content, Content

Twin Pines Marketing - Social Media Content
  • ​Schedule social media posts in advance for maximum exposure

  • Determine the optimum days and times for different platforms

  • Coordinate post schedule with blogs, product launches, events, etc.

  • Manage post frequency across platforms to avoid oversaturation

Social Media Calendar

Twin Pines Marketing - Social Media Calendar
  • ​Leverage compounding for exponential growth 
  • Regularly engage with people, pages and groups
  • Capitalize on direct and indirect connections
  • Increase quantity and quality of audience

Expand Your Network

Twin Pines Marketing - Social Media Networking
  • ​Track the effectiveness of posts by topic and day/time
  • Analyze audience reach and engagement
  • A/B testing to compare different techniques
  • Engage more directly with current and potential customers


Twin Pines Marketing - Analitics and Metrics Reporting
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