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Twin Pines Marketing - Michigan - Logo and Branding Identity



Your brand identity is who you are. It's more than just a name, a logo and some colors; it's how your customers think about you, what emotions and actions they associate with your company brand. We mix art and design with psychology and research to create the perfect visual and verbal brand for your organization. When branding is done right, people will know your organization across any platform and media, just by the tone and vibe Twin Pines Marketing creates for you.

It's so much more than just a logo.

  • Choose fonts, colors and graphics that set the right tone​
  • Design alternate logo versions for different uses
  • Create vector files for easy re-sizing and use in any medium
  • Establish guidelines for logo usage 

Logo Creation

Twin Pines Marketing - Logo Creation
  • ​Choose primary and complimentary color schemes
  • Select shades that reflect you and your company
  • Optimize colors for web, print, apparel and more
  • Create coherent look and feel across all marketing channels

Color Palette

Twin Pines Marketing - Branding Color Palette
  • Use language that fits your company's personality 
  • Craft messages that target your specific audience
  • Integrate effective keywords for SEO
  • Create guidelines for on-brand text usage for all media

Voice and Messaging

Twin Pines Marketing - Voice and Messaging
  • ​Specific rules for how to use the company's brand
  • All color, logo and text information
  • Guidance on voice, messaging, photos and graphics
  • Helpful layouts and proportions for further designs

Brand / Style Guide

Twin Pines Marketing - Brand Style Guide Services
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