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Twin Pines Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy


Successful marketing is a game of chess. That means in order to win at the marketing game and create long-term growth, you have to do more than just make bold moves. You have to think several steps ahead, anticipate the actions of others, and set up a series of moves and countermoves that puts you in the right positions. Here are some of the ways Twin Pines Marketing will craft a strategic plan to help you.

So, what is "strategy"
and why do you need it?

  • ​Develop a multi-channel strategic plan
  • Ensure every channel interacts and supports each other
  • Deliver the same unified message in different ways
  • Consistently engage with multiple target audiences 

360-Degree Marketing

Twin Pines Marketing - 360 degree marketing
Twin Pines Marketing - 360 degree marketing
  • ​Research direct and indirect competitors
  • Examine your overall industry, locally and globally
  • Analyze SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • Evaluate current market trends

Competitive Research

Twin Pines Marketing - Competitive Research
  • ​Identify the real goals of the company 
  • Challenge pre-conceived notions and assumptions
  • Plan specific marketing steps to reach goals
  • Define what's needed for each step

Goals Workshops

Twin Pines Marketing - Goals Workshops
  • ​Engage directly with partners and customers
  • Generate informed predictions about behaviors
  • Determine which marketing methods resonate most
  • Create personas using insights to guide future efforts

Empathy Interviews

Twin Pines Marketing - Empathy Interviews
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